Best seller of kav Soft Closing ball bearing slide—kav slide series 17

Soft closing ball bearing slide, one of the best seller in the market. Mostly used in home furniture, it can be found in the drawers around your home and office. Closed smoothly and softly, providing you a comfortable living and working environment.

450H soft closing ball bearing slide            450H self closing ball bearing slide

So kav self closing telescopic channel, the most popular products in kav slide range. It is made by cold rolled steel, solid balls. The unique W structures, slides made by the machine from Taiwan, which stand for stable high quality.

450H full extension telescopic channel
450H full extensionsoft closing telescopic channel


We’ve changed the plastic parts in green color, you can easily find kav in the market with the green color and attract you by the feelings of infinite hopeful . Checking the video to see how to install and dismantle the kav soft close full extension drawer rails.

450H self closing telescopic channel
450H self closing ball bearing drawer slide



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kav soft close drawer slides

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