Full Extension Soft Close Concealed Slide


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There are 4 style full extension soft close concealed slide in kav . The material thickness is 1.8*1.5*1.0mm ,250-600mm length ,30kg load capacity and suitable drawer wall thickness is 16mm/18mm. The difference is the handle with different functaion and material .


First style, It’s is one of the most popular sellers in kav . Item NO:663BTHI, with full extension and use the adjust pin is avaliable for easy installation. And the unit prices has a great advantage.

The second , Item No:663BLHI-E with alloy handle and the material is different with other soft clsoe concealed slide. It’s very durable and clip on handle is available for easy installation.

And the third style, Item No:663BLHI-3D, this handle can be adjust up and down, left and right , before and after and it is suitable to installation and tear down. And also means this one on where can adjust the drawer in 3 directions.

The last one with the small handle easy disassembly. it looks compact and functional. And the item no is 663BLHI-B.

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kav soft close drawer slides

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