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drawer solutions

drawer solutions

Soft close undermount drawer slides series is leading the most high-end drawer slides trend, which draws great attention of furniture enterprise, cabinet enterprise and bathroom cabinet enterprise that want to improve the level of their product. Improvement of product of these enterprises mostly depends on the function of hardware.

Special product profit bringing by hardware with great function is necessary to build a furniture brand. And soft close undermount drawer slides fascinates brand name furniture, because it is a high-end furniture hardware silent slide with concealed design that no sign of slide, looking from the front of the drawer.

The higher-tech the product, the easier to have quality problem. If the customer makes a bad choice, it’s even more complicated and wasted than using normal slide. There are plenty of Chinese soft close undermount drawer slides factories spring up like mushrooms, whose product’s quality and price is different from each other. How to choose soft close undermount drawer slides is becoming a difficult choice for many production type furniture enterprises that want to apply concealed soft close drawer slides.

soft close undermount drawer slides
soft close undermount drawer slides

Here, Kingwen Liang puts forward below advices:

First, productive technology of drawer slides
The most direct discerning method is to discern the appearance of drawer slides, watching the productive technology. Because of competition, normally small factories will choose bad quality material and their dies and production level are deficient, while powerful factories will use government-friendly galvanized sheet to produce slide, which has several advantages, including their hardness increases the heavy loading capacity of drawer slides, not easy to rust and better appearance.

Second, pull-out strength of drawer slides
Pulling out the concealed soft close drawer slides, see whether it needs to be pulled out hard or not. Some inexperienced factories worry that the drawer can’t auto close, so they enlarge the strength of springs, but with little regard for easiness of pulling out, which lead to requiring pulling out hard and suggests the inexperience of the factories.

Third, auto closing time of drawer slides
Pushing the soft close undermount drawer slides, the best time from having effect of auto close to finally close is about 1.2 second. If auto closing too fast will make noise, but if too slow will have the possibility of can’t auto close fully after a long time. Normally, adopting hydraulic damper is easier to control the auto closing time than gas damper.

Four, swing range of the drawer slides
Swing range of drawer slides can’t be too large, or it will make the damper of soft close undermount drawer slides can’t be bring out and make the soft close undermount drawer slides lose the high-end function of silently auto close.

Five, durability test of drawer slides
Durability is an important index to judge whether the quality of drawer slides is good or not. However, not any one has testing way to let a slide keep undamaged after 50,000 times close&open with 25kg heavy loading. Maybe getting certificates from SGS or other testing institution is a great advice. After all, no one will have patient to pull and close a drawer for 50,000 times.

Six, well known drawer slides manufacturer
Stamping pats of soft close undermount drawer slides need highly automation to guarantee it’s stability, especially for soft close damper. But for some small drawer slides manufacturers, it’s hard to ensure success by opening molds once about research and development of soft close undermount drawer slides. One million of RMB will be wasted, if a small mistake made in opening molds. Even modification of finished molds also needs a large investment, therefore, many small enterprises even know there are some flaws in their products, but they may choose not to improve their product, because of lack of fund and the uncertainty of market. There are few drawer slides enterprises both can produce stamping parts and hydraulic damper. They usually outsource, which result in uncertainty and uncontrollability. So it’s very obvious that well know drawer slides manufacturers will have advantages of quality guarantee.

333BTH-350 soft close undermount drawer slides
333BTH-350 soft close undermount drawer slides

All in all, soft close undermount drawer slides series is a high-tech product which can’t guarantee it’s effect and durability, if it don’t have technological strength. If just pursue for cheap price, it’s like the loss outweighs the gain for furniture to improve quality and brand popularity.

kav soft close drawer slides

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