How to distinguish the quality of ball bearing drawer slides?

By Summer(Sales Representative)

How to distinguish the quality of ball bearing drawer slides? There ‘s question from recent customer. Here we have three kind of full extension drawer slides with different material and function. The first one is 304 stainless steel ball bearing slide with soft close function. Suitable for ship ,cabinet, kitchen ,home furniture. The second one is soft close ball bearing slide made by cold rolled steel. The different between us is finish . Type one is electrolytic and type two is electroplating .so ,the surface is not the same color.

Some people define the quality by the volume of the voice when we pull the slides.

A more professional test method is pull the outside rail and movable together, if the sound is small the quality is the best one. The third is full extension ball bearing slide with cold rolled steel material. When you pull the slide the sound will bigger then the type on and type two.

And also some customer will asked double spring and single spring which one is better? If you used the slide in custom furniture we suggest you to use double spring slide , because the pull will be smaller. & For the single spring this is one of the best slide on the market and the quality is very stable.

IF you want to know more clear about the slide welcome to visit our web And find the related video at Youtube, Vimeo and Dailmotion.

kav soft close drawer slides

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