Kingwen Liang talking about the status of Chinese cabinet hinges Industry in 2015—kav hinge series 7

Kingwen Liang – The first one markets cabinet higne and slides in China ,CMO of kav Hardware International Co., Ltd .

Recently, because of Furniture, Hardware Show and canton fair coming up which brings a lot customers’ visit . As to there are a lot hinge factory ,distributor and furniture factory want to hear my voice about the trend of cabinet hinge and slides ,Kingwen Liang would like to discuss with everyone in this filed ,not matter you are our competitor our customers from anywhere .Therefore ,I think it is necessary to explain in three aspect . Today we are going to exchange the viewpoint about the current hinge factory and the trend in the future .

1、The repeat investment of hydraulic hinges is beyond the needs .

No matter two way or one way normal spring hinge have been entered the elimination list of the manufacturer .On the contrary ,the damper of hydraulic hinges grows fast in the last decades ,and the manufacture technology of the damper is mature ,leading to lots of factory can produce millions of damper every month .In this case , the damper becomes very cheap in the market ,and the lowest price maybe unbelievable 0.2RMB/pcs .And even some factory calculate the price by the length of damper .For this purpose ,the more and more dampers being produced ,and the market capacity becomes larger and larger .As a result ,the needs beyond supply in the market ,because of expand too fast and to more and more investors join in and think there will be large profits even earn several cent in each damper .

2、New game-changers appear in hinge field .

First in Pearl River Delta ,then Gaoyao and Jieyang ,even after a lot of hydraulic hinge accessories factory built in Jieyang ,and people from Chengdu ,Jiangxi and some other places want to buy thoes accessories to install in their own factory. Although it does not mean a lot ,what we cannt deny is will they become any important role in hinge field in future ? Kingwen Wrote some article before about people from other place want to open hinge factory . And at that time ,I suggest it is not workable .But now ,there are lots of furniture factory backed off them ,and as the development of hinge technology in the last 2-3 decades ,there are possibilities for them back their hometown and set up their own business.

And another point of view ,some anti-dumping countries ,like Turkey ,they purchased hinge mold and machine in China to produce hinge s in their country . And also vietnam and India ,they also try to do it in the same way .What influence they will bring to world hinge field ?

3、Price trap and hinge factory are closed frequently.

Due to bad economic environment , decrease of market capacity ,cost of workforce raised , repeat investment of hinge factory and fierce competition in price ,many hinge enterprise lost badly in the last years . In order to make the company survive ,give salary to workers , pay debts to fitting accessories supplier ,a lot of hinge manufacturer have to make every efforts to make the cost lower by cutting the material ,lower the quality and sell to the market even at a loss .They even want to live without brand . Because no one want to loss the market.I think many of you have feeling that some hinge can only been seen ,rather than used into cabinet .

4、As things going on ,the share of large hinge brands expanded .

Along with the above ,the price of lower quality hydraulic hinge becomes same with ordinary hinge like before .Accordingly ,more and more furniture factory who used normal hinge before begin to use hydraulic hinge and there is still growing space in the future .But on the other hand ,that cheap price brings bad quality enables most consumer to choose big brand products with guarantee ,which lead to the fast-growing of big brands .

5、International brand are trying hard to enter China Market .

Before 2008 ,we are seldom see any Chinese catalog ,website or propagate in global several top brand hinge and slides enterprise .However ,in recent years ,because of weakness of US and European market and also Chinese good performance in global market ,the world-wide top brands like hettich ,hefele and FGV invariably increased the efforts to Chinese marketing by attending Chinese exhibitions ,Chinese catalog and Chinese website .Plenty of large furniture used these brands hardware to improve their furniture level ,and somehow ,this also restrict Chinese local hinge enterprise walking into a higher level .For influencing large furniture purchasing choice ,Chinese enterprise need to be more creative and brand marketing

For next article ,we are going to discuss the future trend .

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