Newly introduced salt spray test and automatic packing Machines

By Jamie

Sales Assitant

You may curious about how do we know the time that cabinet hinges can survive in the salt spray test, besides the home-made methods, which mix the salt and water with certain proportion. Technically a professional salt spray test Machine, offers you the precise results. The newly introduced machine and 48H passed soft close hinges.

Another good news, is the automatic packing machine, to a great extent, increase the output of production capacity, being the last step before to the market, it saves labour cost and make sure the goods ready to delivery in a very short time.


kav hardware, as a manufacturer of cabinet hinges&drawer slides, will introduce all the machines which required and related with hinges and slides, step by step. And in the near future, all the machines, welcomes you in kav.

kav soft close drawer slides

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