Slim double wall drawer system with Glass

By Jamie

Sales Assistant

New launched Slim Double Wall Dawer, successfully sided with glass after the research. Which makes glass is an option for all E type double wall drawer system.

Double Wall Dawer is on the top at the list of best seller in the report of first half of 2017, which is a triumph in such a tough situation with all cost keep rising. The feedback is good and the regular customers are attracted by the slim Double Wall Dawer, which is new to the market, easy to catch the consumers by it’s slim body, to gain the market share. Here you can find kav slim soft close Double Wall Dawer.

With Slim Metal Box-E660H06

With Slim Metal Box sided frosted glass at the same time–E660H07

68mm/100mm/151mm/183mm is the height available for slim one, and with glass, 100mm is not an option. The color is luxury pure white and silver gray. Any detailed information, contact +86 13825770682.

kav soft close drawer slides

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