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K represents keep (maintained), A represents abiding (a), V represents value (value) and victory (victory)
In English is "keep set value, keep set victory!", translated into Chinese is "adhere to the value and maintain a lasting victory!" , KAV has always insisted on the concept is "value innovation, win-win KAV", KAV brand hinge slide continues to introduce new, starting from to enhance value for customers, we are not blind pursuit of price low to save cost, we more is how to let customers for the products more features, more competitive, we look through our efforts to allow customers to avoid the market of the Red Sea, to achieve their competitive differentiation.

Therefore, we not only have the conventional hinge slide products, more a lot of furniture, cabinets, pull the basket, household appliances and other industrial customers customization has many special characteristics of products!

The kav brand

KAV is the KAV of all stakeholders, and suppliers, partners composed networked organization, formed one of the interests of the community, sharing a win-win situation to create value. Only a sustained win-win for all stakeholders, KAV is likely to achieve sustainable management. To achieve this goal, KAV continuous business model innovation, to create a single a win-win model, "people" with two of a spirit of the staff, and the "single" that the user value. Each employee are in different autonomous body for users to create value, so as to realize their value, the value of the company and the shareholders naturally be reflected.

Therefore, KAV creativity but not on the product innovation, we pay more attention to people single a win-win model, and marketing in the whole network integration, innovative marketing mode. We have not only the pursuit of their own enterprises and employees to achieve win win value. We seek to create with our customers, suppliers and the whole furniture hardware industry and social have reached a win-win ecosystem model.
KAV people want to win in the future, we want to innovate value, win-win KAV !