Tips of Choosing Drawer Slide

As we know there various kinds of drawer slides are suitable for different weight capacities and uses.

You should carefully choose the correct drawer slide for your application, and always be sure to read any technical specifications that are available. Specialty drawer slides and systems are available for pantry units, pocket doors, and keyboards. Ask an associate for information.

When you chose a drawer slide you may also take brand into consideration. You may likely to choose some famous brand, such as Grass, Accuride, KV, and Fulterer. While there are many options and choices, quality and cost are always a consideration. www.kavhinge.con makes that choice easier by only offering the best quality slides at the best price.

How to choose the suitable drawer slides, here are our suggestions:

Ball bearing slide: Multi-purpose drawer slide. Available in many weight capacities from 35kg to 225kg Available with full extension, partial extension and full extension with overtravel. Also available with self close, soft close, and touch release options.


Under mount drawer slide: Great for dovetail drawer boxes. Popular slide used when cosmetics are a consideration. Slide is mounted under the drawer box and is not visible when the drawer is extended. Drawer box must be built to exact specifications. Available in several weight capacities.


Double Wall Drawer Slide: Drawer system with steel sides. Can have Nylon roller bearing or wheel roller. These systems have several options that allow you to customize the look of the drawer to your exact needs. Several weight capacities offered.


Powder coated drawer runner: Nylon wheel roller slide that attaches at the bottom of the drawer box. Available in full extension and partial extension only. Available with 35kg and 45kg weight capacity only.


kav soft close drawer slides

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