Tips on clean and maintain the furniture hardware

By Jamie

Sales Assitant

The right methods we are using to do the clean and maintain, will longer the life of cabinet hinges and drawer slides. Here are some warm tips for you all.

1.A dry cloth to wipe out the furniture accessories.
Use a dry, soft cloth, wipe out the dust on the surface. DO NOT use any chemical cleaners or acidic liquids. If there are some black spot on it, clean them with some kerosene.

2.Lubricants to maintain the movable parts
The noise we’ve heard is a normal phenomenon after a long period using. We suggest to use lubricants to active the movable parts every two or three months to guarantee a smoothly and well performed soft closing function.

3.Protect them from collision and scratch made by heavy and sharp objects.

4.Be very careful when these furniture are on the delivery, in case the connection parts are broken. Separate the cabinet door or drawer and the installed soft close hinges, full extension drawer slides when we sent them away.

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