What affects the load capacity of heavy duty slides ?—kav slide series 6

53mm heavy duty drawer slides

Heavy duty slides are our best selling and advantage products always ,and that is why I write a second article to explain more for this item.

Recently ,we got another customer from Pakistan that they fond our website and photos in ALIBABA for our high-end quality 53mm width heavy duty drawer slides .

I was told by our customer many times that why our full extension ball bearing drawer slides price for 53mm is around 20% higher than many other suppliers .I was surprised to hear this at beginning ,so I searched a lot on website and also collect feedback from regular customer of heavy duty slides customer .The conclusion is as following reason :

1, One customer who order 50mm width heavy duty slides from us mentioned that before they bought 53mm slides from another company ,and the quality just met their needs .Cause their load capacity is 70kgs for this one .Now they buy from us 50mm width ,also with load capacity in 70kgs .In this case it can save more cost with this width .

53mm heavy duty drawer slide

You may ask why our 50mm width slide can hold 70kgs same as others’ 53mm heavy duty slides ?
That is because we use the best quality raw material for the products and we are sincerely used 100% full material to make sure there will not problem during the usage .Thirdly ,we only cooperate with best finishing factory at any cost . Because we need to guarantee 5 years usage at least for our customer .A good finishing can protect the products from corrosion.

There are more feedback from other customer ,please kindly follow us with our next article or contact us at bella@chinaslides.cn ,call us 8613825770682 (wechat/whatsapp) if you agree with us and trust us .

kav soft close drawer slides

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