Why customer are getting more willing to buy heavy duty slides even with a higher price ?—kav slide series 8

Heavy duty slides has been divided into different width ,like 50mm ,53mm ,58mm ,71mm and 76mm . In last article ,we have explained the reason for effecting the load capacity and today we are going to tell what is the advantage of kav type .

1,First of all ,except using best material or cold rolled steel and rubber ,kav heavy duty drawer slides have different load capacity from 68kgs to 220kgs which can meet all customer from different area needs .
2,We have perfect structure which not only enable a best load capacity ,but also with the largest pulling out force to protect the ball from dropping out ,like below photo .

heavy duty drawer slides           full extension ball bearing slides

3, kav heavy duty drawer slides also can have locking system which can lock the drawer both when it is closed or opened like following photo .This function is popular among those who manufacture machine ,and also some home drawer .

heavy duty drawer slides         heavy duty drawer slides


In conclusion ,before you consider our price high ,have you ever think about the reason ? Please always trust each cents comes with a better quality .kav is duty is assure customer best quality with a reasonable price and best service .


kav soft close drawer slides

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