Why the push to open drawer slides can’t push to open sometimes—kav slide series 3

drawer solutions

drawer solutions

One of my clients chatted with me via QQ today.

He has already received our push to open ball bearing drawer slides.

He felt very satisfied with the galvanizing, craft and structure of our products. And after the test, he said the quality of our product is great.

Because they have been using hafele’s products, now he thinks ours can replace hafele’s completely.

However, there is a problem that needs to be solved before they consider using our product.

The problem is that our push to open ball bearing drawer slides was unable to push open one of every twenty times, but hafele’s drawer slides does not have this problem.

kav push to open drawer slides
kav push to open drawer slides

Due to our products exported to many countries, if that problem appeared before, many clients will cancel the order.

And we must have improved already. So I asked him some questions.

“Mr. A, I believe we can work out the problem you pointed out, so please allow me to ask you three questions”.

“Firstly, were you ensured horizontal and align front and back?

Secondly, as the drawing shows, have you reserved at least 5 mm for front panel?(Because it need to save some space for push to open ball bearing drawer slides to push open.)

Third, have the installation gap be reserved between 13.2 mm to 13.3 mm?”

“Oh, we just did that according to hafele’s installation requirements.”

Said Mr. A. I suggested him re-installing it again as our drawing.

He did it and had a test again, as the result, it turns out great.

His client placed an order of several thousand sets of push to open ball bearing drawer slides right away and there will be many other large orders.

After experienced that, I obviously realized that without professional products knowledge, you will be in trouble and also you may lose orders.

What’s your opinion?

kav soft close drawer slides

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